Multi-Tech MultiVOIP gateway

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Multi-Tech MultiVOIP gateway


MultiVOIP Analog Gateway

Fonctionnalités et Avantages


The MultiVOIP® gateway provides toll-free voice and fax communications over the Internet or Intranet. By integrating voice and fax into an existing data network, you can realize substantial savings on inter-office long distance toll charges.

The MultiVOIP analog gateways are available in 1, 2, 4 and 8 port models. All MultiVOIP gateways connect directly to phones, fax machines, key systems, PSTN lines or a PBX to provide real-time, toll-quality voice connections to any office on a VOIP network. Its flexible architecture and robust feature set meet the demands of a broad range of IP applications.


Plus d'information


MultiVOIP Gateway Applications

Toll Bypass Long Distance Calling

Off-net Calling

Off-premise Voice Extensions

IP-enable Fax Machines

Wireless Voice Extensions

Replace Expensive Tie Lines

Easy Integration

Save Thousands of Dollars Each Month


PSTN Fail-over

Advanced Speech Technologies

Complete Support for Multiple Telephony Interfaces

Bandwidth Management


No User Training

Supplementary Services

Ordering Information

Product Description
MVP130-FXS MultiVOIP 1-Channel VOIP Analog Gateway (FXS)
MVP130 MultiVOIP 1-Channel Analog VOIP Gateway (FXS/FXO/DID)
MVP210 MultiVOIP 2-Channel Analog VOIP Gateway (FXS/FXO/E&M/DID)
MVP410 MultiVOIP 4-Channel Analog VOIP Gateway (FXS/FXO/E&M/DID)
MVP810 MultiVOIP 8-Channel Analog VOIP Gateway (FXS/FXO/E&M/DID)
MVP428 4-Channel Expansion Card


Fiche technique Multi-Tech MultiVOIP Datasheet (1261.3 kB)


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